Whatever your musculoskeletal problem, here at Bodywise Physiotherapy, Gina is able to assess which structures may be at fault.

She will aim to resolve your pain, and help you to prevent reoccurrence, with a combination of manual treatments, exercises, posture advice, and lifestyle education.

Manual therapy

Joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, connective tissue mobilisation, trigger point therapy (the release of taut fibres in muscles), massage

Exercise Therapy

Strengthening, mobilising, stretching, posture correction, balance, Pilates an exercise system that develops core stability [read more]


Can assist with the healing of collagenous tissues, as for example, in injury to knee and ankle ligaments

Womens’ Health Physiotherapy

Treatments may include one or more of the following:

Bladder Training – to give you back control over your bladder.

Manual therapy – to joints and muscles to rebalance the musculoskeletal system and reduce pain.

Muscle Stimulation – to help women who are unable to contract their muscles.

Pelvic Floor Exercises – tailored to your individual needs.

Trigger point therapy – and relaxation techniques specifically for the treatment of pelvic pain.